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Through Water Communication
Model : Subcom 2000
Function : Underwater communication equipment
Sonar and Survey Sensors
Model : SV1010 Sonar
SV2020 Sonar
SV4040 Sonar
Echo Altimeter (Survey)
Centaur Bathymetry Unit (Survey)
Function : Scanning Sonar and Altimeter
Multiplexers for Sensor Integration
Model : Hermes Systems
Function : Hard-wired communications multiplexer for data transmission
through 8 bi-directional channels over a single twisted pair cable
Underwater Cameras and Lights
Model : Hawkeye Cameras
Function : Underwater Cameras and Lights

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Sonic Weather Station
Model : Sonic Weather Station
Function : Marine meteorological sensor

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Oil Spill and Current Tracking Buoy
Model : Argosphere
Function : Tracking buoy

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Global Navigation systems (GNSS)
Model : Seastar (

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Seismic Compressor
Model : Compound Compressor Unit
Function : Seismic Air Compressor

Model : TRBM(Trawl Resistant Bottom Mount)
Function : Bottom mount for the underwater equipments at long term
Water sampler
Model : Water Sample Bottle
Function : Water sampler for specific depth