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Current Meter
Model :Aquadopp (300m, 3000m, 6000m)
Function : Water current velocity in a single volume
Current Profiler
Model : Aquadopp Profiler
Signature 55
Signature 250
Signature 1000/500
Function : Current profile in water using acoustic Doppler technology
Wave & Current Meter
Model : AWAC
AWAC Platform
Function : wave height, wave direction and the full current profile
Vessel Mounted CP
Model : VM Profiler
Function : Current profiler for Vessel
Doppler Velocity Logs
Model : DVL
Function : Underwater Navigation
Model : Vector
Vectrino Profiler
Vectrino Field Probe
Vectrino Lab Probe
Function : High resolution acoustic velocimeter

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Plus X
Model : Plus X
Function : Self logging type CTD & SVTP by the field swappable sensor
Minos X
Model : Minos X
Function : Self logging type SVPT or CTD by the field swappable sensor
Smart X
Model : Smart X
Function : CTD or SVP by the field swappable sensor
Base X
Model : Base X
Function : Self logging type dual parameter instrument
Base X2
Model : Base X2
Function : Compact CTD or SVP with wireless communication
Micro X
Model : Micro X
Function : Single parameter instrument
UV Xchange
Model : UV Xchange
Function : Anti Biofouling
Data Xchange
Model : Data Xchange
Function : Wireless communication
SV Xchange
Model : SV Xchange
Function : Field Swappable Sound Velocity sensor
T Xchange
Model : T Xchange
Function : Field Swappable Temperature sensor
P Xchange
Model : P Xchange
Function : Field Swappable Pressure sensor
C Xchange
Model : C Xchange
Function : Field Swappable Conductivity sensor
CT Xchange
Model : CT Xchange
Function : Field Swappable CT sensor
TU Xchange
Model : TU Xchange
Function : Field Swappable Turbidity sensor